just watch

this is all I care about

I just feel like I want to find someone that never pisses me off, but u have to accept that that would be impossible

"I almost found someone like that once, but then I discovered she was my sister"

May 6th 2014

I effing had a great day today. Just so many little things that brought me generous doses of happiness. Ive wanted to start writing in a journal or diary or something for a while, mostly because I feel like my memory is effed. I don`t want to forget everything. I think that would be extremely depressing. Today, I skipped some classes and hung out with everyone that makes me happy. Also, my friend and sister surprised me during spare and took me to timmy ’s. Puzzle making was a blast. You know those people who you`re not necessarily really close friends with them, but they infect you with happiness and good spirits? I spent all day with those fantastic mothers. It was my first time getting in car and not freaking out half to death. It has frappucino happy hour so me, mama and sista treated ourselves. I also got accepted to university! I`m just really thankful and feel really blessed. I wasn`t fanatic with my diet today, but I have to learn to accept that sometimes…. also, I totally deserve it. Stress has been controlling my existence. Honestly, would I rather be happy and a little overweight, or cranky and a PMS master, but thin? I choose the latter. I’m just venting all this on here because

1) I don`t like handwriting, and

2) I may or may not be a little embarrassed to keep a real diary.

Anyway, this is just pretty rockin`

I`ll try to this as much as possible…

Today I ate wayy to much… everything was relatively healthy, however, I just need to stay on this calorie schedule. My goal is 120lbs by the summer. If it doesn’t happen, I’ll be devastated. I’ve been at this for more than a year, I’m taking way too long. People talk about how they’ve lost 60lbs in one year,and I lost 30, and regained 10. I feel like a failure. Tomorrow’s a  new day; hopefully, new means successful.